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1 st Semester
Bachelor of Engg. B.E. (Common to all) A/B Group
2 nd Semester
Bachelor of Engg. B.E. (Common to all) A/B Group
3 rd Semester
B.E. (Automobile Engg.)(Grading Sys)
B.E.(Civil Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Comp.Sc. and Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Electronics and Comm.)(Grading Sys)
B.E.(Electrical Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Electronics and Inst.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Fire Tech. and Safety)(Grading Sys)
B.E.(Ind. Prod.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Ind.Engg.and Mgt.),(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Information Tech.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Mech.Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Textile)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Electrical and Electronics)
B.E.(BioMedical. Engg)(Grading Sys)
B. E. (Chemical Engg.) (Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Biotechnology) (Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Aeronautical Engineering)(Grading Sys)
B.E. (Mining Engineering)(Grading Sys)
4 th Semester
B.E. (Biotechnology) (Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Automobile Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.( Bio-Medical Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Civil Engg.) ( Grading Sys)
B.E. ( Electronics and Ins.) ( Grading Sys)
B.E. (Information Tech.)(Grading Sys)
B.E.(Electrical and Electronics)(Grading)
B.E. (Computer Sc. and Engg.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E.(Electronics and Comm. Engg.)(Grading)
B.E. (Fire Tech.)(Grading Sys)
B.E. (Mechanical Engg.) ( Grading Sys)
B.E. (Chemical Engg.)(Grading Sys)
B.E. (Electrical Engg.) ( Grading Sys)
B.E.(Industrial Prod.)(Grading Sys.)
B.E. (Textile Engg.)(Grading Sys)
B.E.(Aeronotical Eng.) Grading Sys.
Mining Engineering Grading System
5 th Semester
Automobile Engineering(Grading)
Information Technology(Grading)
Computer Science and Engineering(Grading)
Bio-Medical Engineering(Grading)
Civil Engineering(Grading)
Chemical Engineering(Grading)
Electrical Engineering(Grading)
Electronics and Instrumentation Engg(Grading)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Grading)
Fire Technology(Grading)
Industrial Engineering and Management(Grading)
Industrial Production(Grading)
Mechanical Engineering(Grading)
Textile Technology(Grading)
(Electronics Communication Engineering)(Grading)
6 th Semester
BE(Textile Engg)(Grding System)
BE(Mechanical Engg)(Grading System)
BE(Industrial Production)(Grading System)
BE(IEM)(Grading System)
BE(Fire Technology)(Grading System)
BE(Comp.Sc. and Engg.)(Grading System)
BE(Chemical Engg)(Grading System)
BE(Civil Engg)(Grading System)
BE(Bio Medical Engg)(Grading System)
BE(Bio-Technology)(Grading System)
BE(Information Tech.)(Grading System)
BE (Automobile Engg)(Grading System)
BE(Electronics and Comm Engg)(Grading)
BE(Electrical and Electronics)(Grading)
BE(Electronics and Ins)( Grading Sys)
Electrical Engineering(Grading)
7 th Semester
Scheme (Automobile Engineering) Grading System
Scheme(Information Technology) Grading System
Scheme (Bio Technology) Grading System
Scheme(Civil Engineering) Grading System
Scheme Chemical Engineering
Scheme (CSE)Grading System
Scheme(Electronics Instrumentation Engineering)
Scheme(Fire Technology Safety Engineering)
Scheme(Industrial Engineering Management)
Scheme(Industrial Production) Grading System
Scheme (Mechanical Engineering) Grading System
Scheme (Textile Engineering) Grading System
Scheme for (Electrical Electronics Engg.)
Scheme for (Electrical Engineering)
Scheme for (Bio Medical Engineering)
Scheme for Electronics Communication Engineering
8 th Semester
Automobile Engineering (Grading System)
IT (Grading System)
Biotech (Grading System)
BM (Grading System)
CM (Grading System)
CSE (Grading System)
EC (Grading System)
EE (Grading System)
EI (Grading System)
EX (Grading System)
FT (Grading System)
IEM (Grading System)
IP (Grading System)
ME (Grading System)
TX (Grading System)
Civil Engineering (Grading System)

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