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The School of Information Technology at RGTU was established in 2002-03. School of Information Technology offers M. Tech. in Computer Technology & Applications as well as in Information Technology. These courses prepare young graduates to take state of art challenges as required by the industry and R & D organizations Information Technology is a field that continues to evolve at a rate faster than other disciplines. Advances in the field have resulted in significant developments in Information and Communication Technologies, which in turn, has had a tremendous impact on the way research, is conducted. As a result the school has increased its emphasis on research during the last few years. I take much pride to announce that within a short span of five years, the department has made a mark in ICT and Computing research especially in the area of Mobile Computing, Datamining, Soft computing, Information Security and Image Processing, which is evident from the magnitude of contribution to scientific literature. Encouraged by the continual success in the field of our research interest, the department is planning to set up a Special Interest Group in the area of Mobile Communication with close collaboration with universities of international repute and the leading industries of the area, which shall be focused on the design and development of new technologies for betterment of mankind. This department shall start an international journal on recent issues in information and communication technologies to provide a forum to the researchers and scientists. Realizing the need for the development of interdisciplinary research activities so as to strengthen and broaden our field, the Department has initiated close collaboration with other local and international academic as well as industrial institutions in the areas of nanotechnology, bioinformatics, middleware technologies, service oriented architecture and sensor networks. The department continues to contribute to advances in Information Technology and is striving to improve its position as one of the leading school in India.

Courses Offered

 M.Tech.-Computer Science
 M.Tech.-Computer Science & Engg.
 M.Tech.-Computer Tech. & Application
 M.Tech.-Information Technology
Facilties Available
  • 11 Blade Servers with Xeon processors with each server containing 2 GB RAM and a total Hard disk Capacity of 360 GB.
  • 150 Compaq PIV machines are interconnected through Network Fully air conditioned, state of art Computer laboratories.
  • Digital Class Rooms with personalized desk containing P IV computer on LAN with Internet facilities and Audio visual teaching aids.
  • 04 Compaq ML 350 Servers with RAID and RAS facilities
  • 24 Hr Internet facilities with 2Mbps leased line connectivity.
  • Wide area network based on dedicated leased line of 2 Mbps connecting five major cities of the state of M.P.Digital Library with connectivity to world renowned Technical libraries.

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